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714164 Brodit Holder for Cable Attachment for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

SKU 714164
For Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max in all countries. For use with Apple original Lightning to Type C adapter Cable. With tilt swivel. Padded. The cable attachment holder can be combined with the Apple original Lightning to Type C Cable that came with your iPhone. You can charge you iPhone by connecting it to the car’s Type C USB socket, or use it with a Type C/cig-plug adapter for the car’s 12V socket.

Note! Cable not included.

The holder is made of ABS plastic and is padded. This means it has a plush coating which is extra protective for your device. The holder has a perfect fit. It is easy to put the device into the holder, and just as easy to take it with you when leaving the vehicle.

The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so you can easily adjust the angle for better viewing, or switch between portrait and landscape mode. Tilts 17° and swivels 360°. Mounting plate 42x50 mm with 4 mm AMPS-holes. Made of high grade black ABS/Acetal plastic. Made in Sweden. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.