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810860 Brodit Headrest mount with monitor mount for Volvo 740 82-98

SKU 810860
For Volvo 740 82-98 in all countries. Headrest mount. LEFT HAND DRIVE. For multimedia-monitors with a vertical slot in back. For installation of multimedia screens in vehicles. Fits screens with a vertical slot on the back side. The screen mount is placed onto a front seat’s head rest. It comes with a tilt swivel so the screen can be adjusted in order to avoid reflection. It’s easy to take the screen with you when leaving the vehicle. The installation is quick and will not damage the interior of the vehicle.

Installation Instructions:

Attention! Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the screen mount.

1. Remove the two screws on the screen mount so you get two parts, an attaching part and a face plate. Place the attaching part in front of the head rest. Press the attaching part downwards, in the sam time pull it towards you so it goes between the head rest and the seat.

2. Put the screws in the face plate. Place the face plate onto the attaching part so the screws fit with the holes in the attaching part.

3. Tighten the screws with the enclosed tool so the screen mount is properly in place.

4. The screen mount is in place.